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What does your name say about your business?

Occasionally people refer to our agency as ‘The Fellowship’. I’ve always thought this sounds somewhat sinister. Rather like some kind of secret sect. Or as in ‘The Fellowship of the Ring.’ Actually, we’re just plain old Fellowship. But what’s the thinking behind ...

If you want to make it big, you need to think small

If you want to make it big, you need to think small

‘Think Small’ is arguably the greatest advertising campaign of all time. It’s how VW sold the Beetle – a small, ugly car beloved of nazi Germany – into a postwar America infatuated with Detroit gas guzzlers. The Beetle became a huge success and an enduring icon. And pa...

How to make your business as special as a Spitfire

How to make your business as special as a Spitfire

I took my son to the air museum at Duxford at the weekend. We marvelled at the Concorde, soaked in the atmosphere of the WW2 Operations Room and competed to see who has the faster reactions. (Modesty prevents me saying more.) After lunch in the café, we walked among the old p...

how should you judge creative work

How should you judge creative work?

So, your agency/designer/copywriter just presented something new. You’re feeling a little uncomfortable. It’s sort of interesting, but you don’t really like it – not least because it’s very different from what you’re used to. While you dislike giving negative feedback...

Do you struggle with strategy?

Do you struggle with strategy?

Relax. You’re not alone, many businesses do. Don’t relax too much. This stuff really matters. I once asked the MD of a new client whether his business had a strategy. Back came the answer, “Our strategy is growth.” That’s not a strategy. That’s a woolly and rather...

Improve your SEO in 2018

As a marketing agency, we understand SEO but we also understand that for many of our clients, it can often feel like a mystery - which is why we've put together this jargon-free tick list for you to read through. Long gone are the days of trying to trick Google or other search e...

Looking to start AdWords? We’re a Certified Google Partner

You may have recently spotted we now promote ourselves as a ‘Google Partner’ & wondered what this really means? In summary, we are certified by Google to manage AdWords campaigns & currently do so for a range of clients with differing products & services. Find out why AdWords may be the wisest investment of your marketing budget.