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Time to improve product galleries

Most product pages on eCommerce sites have much the same style and elements: Titlegallery of photos description “add to basket” area some additional information below. This makes sense. Visitors are used to a certain way of navigating these pages.  ...

Learning lessons about website usability

We’ve just launched a new website for NHS Suffolk and NE Essex Integrated Care Board. After every site launch we hold a post project review and ask ourselves: What worked well for us and the client? What didn’t work so well? What lessons can we learn for our next p...

What is the key to creating successful web pages?

The rapid rise and continued growth in popularity of Content Management Systems like Wordpress and so many others has meant that more and more people are creating and publishing web pages. This post examines the creation of successful web pages that help your site stand out from the crowd and contribute to the success of your business or organisation.