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Few things are more crucial to business success than building a memorable brand with a strong story and a distinctive style. Ignore these and you risk blending into the background and becoming instantly forgettable.

Selected Branding Clients

Do any of these feel familiar?

Your logo is looking dated and doesn’t work well online.

Your website and marketing materials look and feel different.

Your competitors attract more of the high value prospects you want.

It’s not clear what’s special and different about your business.

If so, you need help with your brand image, story and reputation.

Building a strong brand can transform the quality and impact of your business:


You can charge higher prices for your products and services.


When times are tough your business is more resilient than the competition.


You attract and retain higher quality staff and higher value clients.


It helps your staff understand and rally behind your strategy, story and values.

Investing in your brand

is crucial to the long term success of your business.

Doing so, doesn’t just mean standing out visually. It’s about so much more than designing your logo. Effective branding is a combination of intelligent strategy, creative design and consistent implementation.

Your reputation is built by everything your business says and does. Plus every experience people have of your staff, your website, your products and packaging, your customer service. It’s about managing all of these to create lasting, positive perceptions.

Successful brands ‘own’ a key quality in the mind of their clients and prospects. Think Amazon and convenience, Disney and magic, Mercedes and luxury. They also have a distinctive, individual style and tone of voice, e.g. Innocent is fun and quirky, while NASA is serious and scientific.

We can help you

build a strong, distinctive and memorable brand for your business.


We start with strategy – looking at your company, your customers and competitors. Then we work out how we can make your business stand out and get ahead.

  • What quality can you realistically ‘own’ that will make your business feel special and different?
  • What story will you tell?
  • How should your communications look and feel?

Story & Style

What you say, how you say it and how it looks, are integral to building a brand with lasting impact.

Once we have a clear strategy, we can work with you to create your authentic story and distinctive style – designed to ensure your business grabs people’s attention and interest.

So you aren’t easily forgotten like most of your competitors.


Consistency is crucial to building the right impression and perceptions of your brand.

We make all of this stick, by helping your team apply it consistently to every aspect of your customer communications and experience.

Over time this creates a strong and distinctive set of positive associations with your brand.

Client Focus

Because Cheffins faces stiff competition from larger rivals with deeper pockets, they commissioned us to help build a strong, consistent and distinctive brand that will drive long term success.

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I’ve been really pleased with the process and the outcome of our rebranding project. It’s been thoughtful, strategic and challenging when necessary. Most importantly, Fellowship have captured the essence of our brand and communicated it in an engaging and authoritative way.

Phil Summerton
Managing Director,
Cambridge Econometrics