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WordPress Developer Role

This is where a lot of agencies (and almost every recruitment company) would start to list a load of web technologies and software packages that they’d expect you to be proficient with in order to apply. Truth is, we’re more interested in you as a person as opposed to the amount of languages you know or the technologies you’ve used.

Let’s be honest, the term ‘Web Developer’ is pretty broad these days. There are front-end developers, back-end developers, full-stack developers, DevOps developers, UX engineers, UI engineers yadda, yadda, yadda the list goes on. Then let’s look at the languages and frameworks that are out there; Angular, React, Vue, that new one that just came out… and that’s just Javascript.

Here at Fellowship, our devs are all proficient in writing standards-compliant code in the core languages used to build (primarily) WordPress-based websites (HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript) but then they all have their own particular areas of specialism and their own preferred tools of the trade. We have one guy who’s happiest coding ES6 Javascript in Vim on Linux and another who’s content writing PHP7 classes in Sublime Text on a Mac.

What we all have in common is a desire to build the very best websites that we can. Websites that are accessible, performant, successful for their owners and respectful of their users. We’re also constantly looking at our workflow for ways that we can develop better, compile faster, deploy more effectively and use our time as efficiently as possible.

The point is, we all bring something to the party. After all, there’s no ‘i’ in team*.

Our current team is 17 strong and is made up of strategists, designers, account & project managers, digital marketing experts and seven web developers. Our main specialism is building and supporting WordPress / WooCommerce websites, using Gutenberg and ACF, amongst others. We adopt the agile methodology and do weekly sprints with daily stand-ups / scrums.

So, if you think that you’d fit in around here we’d love to hear from you. Some other things you should know about us, our thoughts and philosophies:

  • A theme is something that you should hum and never something that should be downloaded from Envato
  • Javascript is an enhancement, accessibility is not
  • Web design is more akin to product design than it is to graphic design – people use websites, they don’t just look at them
  • We’re all still learning. Anyone in this industry who thinks they know it all is lying!

Our team are all still working from home, but we’re planning to move to new premises later this year. When we move in, the majority of our team will adopt the hybrid model – working some days from home and some from the studio. However, we offer fully flexible working so are happy to allow staff to work from home full-time, as long as we all get together occassionally.

To apply, email us at Please attach your CV if you can. Alternatively, you can send us some links to your sites, your posts, your repos, your pens or your fiddles. We’ll be interviewing candidates remotely by Google Meet, rather than face-to-face at our studio.

No recruitment agencies, please.

* Apart from when my friend Carlos pronounces it ‘tim’.