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Client Story

Bespoke Booking System for Opus Teach

Client Contact:
Marketing Manager / Board of Directors

Opus Teach is a recruitment agency specialising in temporary placements for the public sector. Now in its fifth year, it has grown significantly. Both schools and teachers enthuse about the service they get from the Opus team. An efficient booking system is critical to their work.

multi device wide show

The Objective

Opus Teach hired us to design and build an efficient, new booking system that’s easy to use for both teachers and schools.

the objective

Our Solution

We developed a bespoke system that enables teachers away from their desks and office admin staff to quickly and easily find the resources they’re looking for. The system is simple to use and confirms booking details via SMS and email.

Planning and strategy

We reviewed the actions and goals for each user type. Extensive planning was needed to design the complex communication flows.

planning and strategy
sms system

The core communication flow revolves around booking placements. Our new system sends emails and texts to the various users, sharing information, actions taken, or requests for action.

Lots of complex user types

Catering for both school administrators and teachers presented a wide range of challenges.

Schools need access to a powerful search system, the ability to shortlist teachers and to create and manage their own bookings.

complex user types

Teachers need to manage their availability (including daily time periods), edit their profile, decline and accept bookings and view their bookings history.

Teacher application process

Opus Teach has to be able to guarantee the quality and professionalism of the teachers they place in schools.

We built a multistep teacher registration process. The Opus Teach team can manually verify documents uploaded by teachers when they register.

Teacher application process
Dependable System Communications

Dependable communications

Teachers and schools receive emails and texts at each stage of the registration and booking process.

Searchable and filterable content

We created five bespoke status types for bookings. This ensures efficient organisation and smooth movement through the process.

Both teachers and schools have unique directories. All these data models can be easily searched and filtered.

Searchable and filterable content
Automatic Recommendations by Location

Automatic recommendations 

Teachers can specify how far from home they’re happy to travel. The Opus Teach booking system will only recommend schools and placements within their chosen radius.

The Result

Our bespoke booking system works seamlessly on mobiles, tablet and desktops and is integral to daily operations for both schools and teachers.

Over the last five years the system has completed over 7,000 placements, with users and bookings increasing every year.

Sam Goody

Thanks to Fellowship, we have an efficient, easy to use booking system that truly sets us apart from our competitors. The simplicity and efficiency of the system not only makes life easier for our Opus Teach team, but it means that our schools and teachers have more time and focus on delivering the best outcomes for the children they support. We’re delighted with it.”

Sam Goody Associate Director – Commercial Services Opus People Solutions Ltd
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