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Client Story

Intranet for NHS Suffolk & NE Essex ICB

Client Contact:
Digital Marketing Manager

This was part of a wider web project for NHS Suffolk and NE Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB). We designed and developed a secure, privately accessible, online information and resource platform for the ICB’s staff and trusted partners.

multiple devices showing NHS intranet


To provide NHS staff and trusted partners with a secure, private, online information and resource platform. This needed to be accessible, in NHS offices, at home and on the road.

the objective
Our solution


The NHS team didn’t have the resources to manage a whole separate web application.

They needed an efficient solution that saved them time and hassle. We built the new intranet into the main Suffolk and NE Essex ICB website using WordPress Multisite.

Users can apply for access to either site or both, pending review by the admin team. Once approved, they can use the same login details for both sites.

Bespoke development

We carried out two pieces of bespoke development work to minimise the team’s admin workload.

The first automatically emails any users whose account has been inactive for six months.

If they don’t login within two weeks their account is deleted and they are notified accordingly.

Bespoke development
Assigning editorial responsibility

Assigning editorial responsibility

The second created a system which allows the admin team to assign pages on the intranet to designated colleagues.

They are then responsible for updating their pages and get an email notification when the pages are older than six months and need reviewing.

Search functionality

To power the search functionality we created custom database queries and presented them on a results page with PHP.

We used javascript to create filtering, pagination, and shareable search links for the results.

This bespoke solution mirrors the UI and UX of the search on the main website.

Search functionality
Security and performance

Security and performance

Every front-end page is protected by a login gate. Resources that aren’t for public use are linked to from a protected intranet page, safe from unauthorised access.

Both the main website and intranet benefit from one of our preferred content delivery networks (CDN). This provides performance and speed improvements via a global network.

It also ensures enhanced security with TLS/SSL encryption, plus protection from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

The Result

This project provides a secure solution for sharing large volumes of important and confidential information amongst approved NHS staff and partners, that is easy to access and maintain.

View the main website project here.

The Result
Sarah Colley – Digital Marketing Manager, NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB)

Having one multi-site managed via the same CMS means we can easily switch between our main website and our intranet. This makes managing them a breeze. Also, Fellowship’s automated processes save us time and enables us to keep on top of content.

Sarah Colley Digital Marketing Manager, NHS Suffolk and North East Essex
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