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Client Story

Helping save the planet

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Digital & Marketing Team is the go-to website to reduce your carbon footprint. It provides an extensive range of innovative products, from energy saving LED light bulbs to everyday eco-friendly products for the home, energy efficient home appliances and water saving mixer taps and showers. It also offers advice to home owners and consultancy services to businesses and large organisations looking to reduce their environmental impact.

E-commerce Development

Over the last 10 years we’ve built a very close relationship with the team at SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

As a result, we’ve been able to apply our expertise to developing and supporting a feature rich and complex WooCommerce website.

Standard features include:

  • In-depth product catalogue searching
  • Extensive filtering options based on a large range of product attributes
  • User accounts with different access levels
  • An optimised basket and checkout experience

Advanced features include:

  • Calculating product impacts
  • Providing subscription services
  • Rewarding regular customers
  • Club memberships
  • Integrations with other systems

Impact Calculators

Our bespoke impact calculator enables customers to see the benefits of their chosen product, including anticipated financial savings and payback time.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon has full editorial control over this data, which is displayed on product information pages.

Try the calculator and see how much you could save here.

Subscription Products

Increasingly, customers expect to be able to subscribe to their favourite products. SaveMoneyCutCarbon introduced this in 2019.

We recently helped them expand the extent of this by integrating with a third party solution, which also improves order management for both customers and staff.

Rewarding customers

Customers earn Planet Points each time they place an order. This loyalty and reward scheme allows them to swap their points for products, or put them towards the cost of higher value items.

Targeted points promotions can also further incentivise customers.

Club Membership

The SMCC Club is a fantastic offering aimed at helping customers save more money – and at the same time, help save the planet.

By offering further discounts and a range of other benefits, it encourages customers to make their purchase from Which means they’ll be buying a more eco-friendly product.

Club Challenges.

We developed a bespoke pricing system which enables the internal team to set unique club pricing against any product on the site. This can be tailored to each club membership plan, such as Club for Home or Club for Trade.

User Focused Messaging.

We gave a lot of thought to injecting bespoke messaging at various points in the customer journey. We designed this to prompt and engage the user’s next steps, based on their particular interests and needs.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon staff can also offer targeted promotions to potential club members, including free trials and gift memberships.


One of our core services is integrating websites with third-party platforms. This can enhance their offering and significantly improve company operations and efficiencies.

We integrated the website with the following systems:

  • Impact Statements (bespoke environmental impact tracking software)
  • QPilot (subscription management)
  • ActiveCampaign (marketing CRM)
  • Sage (accounts software)
  • Stripe & Klarna (payment gateways)
  • Metorik (website sales statistical platform)

The Result

Our ongoing improvements to the website have resulted in a significant growth in online sales over recent years.

We’re also developing new features and standalone projects, such as the SaveMoneyCutCarbon App.


We have a complex platform with many elements, tools and technologies. This means managing our E-commerce website to achieve E-commerce KPIs alongside a number of other business objectives. Fellowship has shown not only excellent technology and development capabilities, but a business and commercial acumen that helps them not only build, but improve upon our ideas. They have worked alongside us as a true partner for many years.

Erin Ericson CMO SaveMoneyCutCarbon
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