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For over 50 years, Skinner’s have been producing high quality, nutritionally rich, dog food products at Stradbroke in the heart of the Suffolk countryside. Alongside its traditional postmill dating from 1688, Skinner’s boasts a modern factory making it one of the most sophisticated dog food manufacturing plants in the country.



Over seven years we had established the Skinner’s website as the showcase for its dog food products. The next challenge was to give customers a convenient, online shopping experience, personalised to their needs.


We launched the new Skinner’s
E-commerce site in 2020. As well as making one-off purchases, customers can now save money by subscribing to their favourite products, with the flexibility to pause or cancel their orders as and when it suits them.

Alongside refreshed branding, a key feature of the revamped site is the FoodFinder. This presents tailored nutritional advice, based on a series of questions about your dog. The results appear in a personalised feeding guide, presenting products chosen by Skinner’s expert nutritionists to meet the specific needs of individual pets.

We developed a clean user interface to ensure clear presentation of information throughout the shopping journey. By filling in the FoodFinder, customers create a customised dog profile, which tailors their browsing experience accordingly.


The introduction of the subscription service has seen a substantial increase in e-commerce revenue. While this was fuelled by changes in shopping habits due to Covid, sales have continued to rise post lockdown.

Increase in net revenue:

  • 2251% in 2020 calendar year.
  • 58% in the first eleven months of 2021.
David Ashcroft

We’ve made Skinners’ E-commerce site very easy to navigate. The Subscribe and Save option, plus tailored nutritional advice, has led to a huge boost in sales. We’re delighted with the results.”

David Ashcroft Web Developer Fellowship
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