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WordPress Multisites

We are one of the UK’s leading agencies for WordPress Multisite.

WordPress Multisites. Winner – UK Dev Awards 2023 – Dev Agency of the Year (medium size)

Does your business have multiple…

If so, a WordPress Multisite could be the perfect solution.


Manage multiple websites efficiently with a Multisite.

Over the last decade, we’ve developed WordPress Multisites for companies with multiple brands, business units or international offices. As well as global businesses with many localised, multilingual websites. Whatever your requirements, our WordPress Multisite solution offers the following benefits:

WordPress Multisites

Time efficient

A single WordPress Content Management System enables you to change the content on all websites quickly and easily.

Cost effective

Affordable web hosting and ongoing future development for one website. Instead of the cumulative costs of running multiple sites.

Fully scalable

It’s easy to add additional websites that target new countries or territories if required.

MULTISITE Application #1

A company with multiple businesses / brands.

If you have multiple businesses/brands within a group and need a separate website for each one, a WordPress Multisite is the ideal solution.

Client Story

CSO Marine Group logo

Conversion Communications came to us with a multisite project for CSO Marine Group, a strategic solutions provider for the offshore energy and marine renewables sector.

They needed to integrate three outdated and inaccessible websites with their parent website, in a way that could be quickly and efficiently updated.

We built a new CSO Marine Group Multisite that provided a cost effective and cohesive solution in three ways:

  • Increased brand awareness.
  • Improved each company’s online presence with responsive and accessible websites.
  • Improved user journeys to generate more leads and increase sign ups and sales.

MULTISITE Application #2

A company with multiple international offices.

If your business operates in multiple countries or territories, we can build you a WordPress Multisite that powers a separate website for each location.

Client Story

Cambridge Econometrics logo

Cambridge Econometrics is a world leading economics consultancy we rebranded five years ago. Since then the business has thrived, with a 50% increase in staff and two new offices in Europe.

When they opened for business in North America, they commissioned us to build a dedicated US website to promote their services. We upgraded their existing WordPress website into a Multsite to deliver their new dedicated US site.

MULTISITE Application #3

A company that requires multiple microsites.

If your business has multiple sub-brands or departments and you require a dedicated microsite for each one, a WordPress Multisite is the ideal solution.

Client Story

Genesee & Wyoming logo

Genesee & Wyoming Inc. owns or leases 116 freight railroads worldwide. These are locally managed with 7,300 employees serving 3,000 customers. Their four North American regions serve 43 US states and four Canadian provinces. They include 110 short line and regional freight railroads with more than 13,000 track-miles.

G&W commissioned us to design and build a vast WordPress Multisite containing dedicated microsites for each of their 110 North American freight railroads. The 10 railroads within the Canadian provinces are available in both US English and French Canadian languages.

MULTISITE Application #4

A global business with multiple multilingual websites.

If you work at a global business that provides products or services to customers who expect a dedicated localised website in their language, a WordPress Multisite is the ideal solution.

Client Story

Flexiteek logo

Flexiteek is the world’s leading producer of synthetic teak decking for boats, ranging from tenders to superyachts. Their product is trusted by over 200 boat builders in over 50 countries and across 6 continents.

We developed a WordPress Multisite that powers the master global website along with eleven separate sites tailored to individual countries and translated into the local language. These sites all share the same design, brand assets and messaging.

Flexiteek Multisites
Winner – UK Dev Awards 2023 – Dev Agency of the Year (medium size)

“This agency was a clear winner for us. They have a great client mix with international, public and private sector clients. We loved their strong view of staff skills evolution to support growth and retention. Their ESG and climate-based projects show a well-positioned place in the market.”

Panel of Judges

Our WordPress Multisites offer huge cost savings to large businesses with multiple websites.”

Alex Gant Lead Developer at Fellowship
Alex Gant

Web Development Insights

Jaye Dry

The Fellowship team have done a fantastic job of transforming the CSO Marine Group websites, by integrating them within a WordPress Multisite. This solution gives us brand consistency and also saves us time and effort. It’s been a game changer.”

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