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Graphic Design

If you want to get ahead you need to make an impact. Good design draws people in. It engages and enthuses, making your products, services and materials attractive, relevant and useful. Done well, design makes the difference between your audience being inspired and indifferent.

Selected Graphic Design Clients

Marketing Materials

Our skilled graphic designers will ensure your marketing materials grab the attention and interest of your customers and prospects. That they communicate effectively and efficiently, helping people get what they want, how they want it. So you get the response you need.


Pictures of your people, products and services bring your business to life. They can add colour, personality and insight to your story, in a way that words alone may struggle with.

We work with outstanding photographers such as Mike Harrington and Andrew Hendry, to make your marketing materials more creative, distinctive and effective.


Our illustration skills can do much the same job when a photoshoot isn’t practical. Good illustration can also do things that photos can’t, such as cutaways and cross sections.

Client: Wilks / Dek-King

Project: Interactive Deck Designer

  • Foredeck: Straight lay –  king plank

    Detail: Fully margined

    Colour: Maple / black caulking

  • Foredeck: Straight lay – no king plank

    Detail: No margins

    Colour: Teak / cream caulking

  • Foredeck: Herringbone – swept

    Detail: Fully margined

    Colour: Weathered / black caulking


For those jobs when a photograph or illustration isn’t enough to make the impact you want, we can team up with our CGI partner to create something out of the ordinary. Something that will be remembered and talked about long after it’s been seen.

Client: DP World London Gateway

Project: #Supercharged Advertising campaign


Creative advertising remains the most powerful way to build your brand. Trouble is few people know how to do it well. Fortunately, we do. We combine carefully crafted imagery, words and messages to make people choose you. Your competitors won’t like it.

Client: Cancer Research UK

Project: United we’re stronger than Cancer

Large Format

We can design and supply exhibition displays, banners and signage to pretty much any size you want. All with the same attention to design and copy that we bring to everything we do, however big or small.

  • Client: Racing Blue

    Product: Exhibition Combo Stand

  • Client: DP World London Gateway

    Product: 440gsm PVC Banner

  • Client: Kitchenology

    Product: Showroom Signage

  • Client: Cheffins

    Product: Life Size Reboard Tractor

  • Exhibition Displays
  • Banners
  • Signage
  • One-Offs


If your product is going to stand out on a shelf alongside its competitors, it needs to grab the attention of all those shoppers drifting along on autopilot. Your packaging needs to be clear, simple and distinctive, by making effective use of limited words and colours. We can take care of it.

Often at short notice and working to extremely tight deadlines, Fellowship has designed high quality printed materials to support our marketing and high-profile events, such as visits by members of the Royal Family and senior members of UK and foreign governments. From 40ft container banners to exhibition displays, corporate brochures and roller banners, Fellowship has always delivered on time and on budget.

Matt Abbott
Communications Manager,
DP World London Gateway