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Meet the team: Aaron

Web Developer, Aaron Lewis, has been with Fellowship for a decade.

Those ten years have seen London host the summer Olympics, Britain vote to leave the EU and Covid take over the world.

Aaron says it feels just like a blur.

“It’s gone so fast it’s hard to imagine I’ve been here that long.”

During that time he’s worked on projects for pretty much every client account. Some of those clients were with us when he started, others joined soon after.

Aaron’s proudest of helping clients grow and thrive alongside Fellowship’s own journey from one man band to 18 person agency. As he says, it’s all about nurturing long term relationships that benefit both parties.

Asked what he enjoys most about working for Fellowship, he says,

“Getting the grumpiest member of the team to make the first round of teas and coffees – always an entertaining challenge!

We have a great balance across our team. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, together we work really well. No one’s afraid to ask for, or offer advice. It creates a very supportive and enjoyable atmosphere.”

Away from work, Aaron spends a lot of time chauffeuring his two girls between swimming and tennis clubs. They like to get out as a family, dragging the girls for long walks through the Suffolk countryside. They particularly love going to their beach hut for long summer evenings.

Depending on the weather and season, Aaron is also likely to be running, cycling, playing tennis, swimming (indoor and open water), or paddle boarding.

“In the past I’ve entered a range of sports events. Nowadays, I just enjoy taking part, rather than competing. I also watch most sports. I’m a Chelsea fan, but I haven’t been to a game for a few seasons.”

Asked about anything funny or quirky that’s happened to him, Aaron says, “When I was young and wet behind then ears, I walked a girl home. When we got to her house, I asked if I could use the toilet before saying goodbye.

“Turns out I’d accidentally walked through some dog mess just outside her house before going in. I felt really bad. Unsurprisingly, no second date happened.”

Aaron has a dream – to win big on the national lottery, so he can buy the Isle of Arran & Isle of Lewis and become the ruler of both islands.

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