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Meet the team: Callum

The youngest member of our team, Web Developer Callum Hubert has been with us just over two years. Previously he was at Rubious.

Callum’s a bit of a video games enthusiast, having built his own gaming pc. He also enjoys boardgames, binge watching TV shows and has recently become a bouldering enthusiast.

Websites he’s worked on include Beacon Rail, Flexiteek, Skinners, Nature Diet and a combined site for three NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups.

He’s particularly pleased with the Nature Diet site. As well as looking good, it has some complex functionality with a customised guide to help you choose the right food for your dog.

Talking of pets, Callum owns a South American horned frog called Clyde. These are also known as Pacman frogs because of their large mouths and triangular shaped heads. He/she (sex tbc) lurks under soil during the day and emerges at night to chomp on locusts.

Reflecting on his time with us, Callum says:

“My favourite thing about Fellowship is working with everyone on the team. We’re a very friendly bunch, we all get along and we help great clients grow their business.”

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