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Meet the team: David Ashcroft

David Ashcroft joined us a Web Developer two years ago when Rubious merged with Fellowship.

Pre pandemic he and his wife were keen travellers, especially enjoying foreign foodie haunts. More recently his focus has been on cooking his own curries, local runs and exploring Suffolk. He’s also a gym enthusiast and is working his way to a black belt in Aikido.

David’s projects at Fellowship have included a lot of work on the SaveMoneyCutCarbon website – adding a Reward Points system and a custom built membership scheme that enables visitors to subscribe and get product discounts.

He’s also developed an advertising system for The Tourist Trail website. By integrating with Google maps this offers in route recommendations for restaurants, hotels and attractions.

David’s a self-confessed board and video games fan. And he’ll happily watch anything that’s on at his local theatre and cinema.

He once organised a stag day doing Airsoft (bit like paintball) at a disused shopping centre in Reading. At the end of the day, the Groom had to run across the concourse, with over 30 players firing plastic ball bearings at him.

The bruises disappeared… eventually.

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