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Meet the team: David Hayhow

Since joining Fellowship, David’s been busy putting his skills into practice on websites for Flexiteek, NHS Suffolk & NE Essex, Opus Teach and Cambridge Econometrics

As lead developer on the NHS website, David loved building the more complex functionality, planning and overseeing the build, and selecting the tech stack most suited to the client’s needs and budget.

We asked David what he likes most about working here:

“The varied and complex custom development that we tailor to our clients so we can give them exactly what they need. Oh and the talented and friendly team, of course!”

Outside of work, when he’s not honing his dev skills or learning about the latest javascript library, David spends time with family and friends on days out. He also loves doing a bit of DIY.

His other enthusiasms are music, gigging, and festivals. Plus running for fun and competitively. And energetic outdoor activities such as Go Ape, bungee jumping and mountain biking.

“I see myself as a bit of a contradiction and a man of extremes. I love drum and bass, techno and metal, but also classical music and Madonna! I’m a Web Developer with a talent for design and marketing, plus Apple training in Mac hardware repair.”

Asked to recount any particularly unusual or quirky experiences, David responded:

“Once on holiday in Devon with my girlfriend, we joined a large group of strangers on a pub crawl. We all took turns pulling dares out of a bag.

I ended up having my bum signed by another group of strangers! There are photos somewhere, but I’m sure you don’t want to see them!”

David also won the unofficial best Christmas shirt award at the 2021 Fellowship Christmas dinner, as shown at the top of this post.

Other photos are with his dad – about to go up in a light aircraft at Duxford – and on a run around Alton Water.

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