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Meet the team: Gary

Gary Kyle has been with us since September 2019, firstly as an Account Manager and now as Head of Operations.

Having worked with most of our clients, he’s busy improving our day to day work processes and project management. As well as reviewing the balance of capabilities across the team.

Asked what he enjoys most about working for Fellowship, Gary says:

“It’s the camaraderie; working with such a nice and dedicated team.”

Away from work, Gary can’t sit still. He can mostly be found coming up with new ways of having fun with his kids.

He’s scratch built an arcade game, reconditioned an old portable record player for his son and restored a 1950s BBC transcription desk.

He also enjoys 3D printing, board games and does the usual Lego and marble runs.

Gary’s played football every week for over 15 years, enjoys a bit of cycling and badminton and is obsessive about making the perfect morning cappuccino. He’s not so obsessive about gardening – hence the seven foot weed amongst the photos.

For his sins Gary’s a Stoke City fan – he used to steward at the Britannia Stadium in his uni days. He also follows the NFL and supports the Washington Commanders.

Every year he hosts the Superbowl with a few friends, serving up regional American food based on which teams are playing.

As for holidays, Gary loves camping, or hiring a quiet isolated cottage in the countryside. He’s been all over Europe & America, to Japan three times, hiked the Annapurna trail and toured Sri Lanka.

On their first night on the Annapurna trail, Gary and his wife got totally lost. They were rescued by a local five year old. He took them over rockslides and up a mountainside to his parents’ house.

There they were treated to a fabulous dal bhat (Nepal’s rice and lentils speciality) and a comfy night’s sleep in the barn.

Now with his wife and kids, he expects lots more family camping holidays and fewer surprises!

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