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Fellowship help Vapourtec launch Covid-19 UK Hotspot Tracker

Vapourtec Covid-19 Hotspots

Our client Vapourtec, a Flow chemistry engineering firm, has launched a pioneering ‘Covid-19 hotspot tracker’ aimed at helping to identify high risk areas for businesses and individuals as the nation begins to return to normality and local travel increases.

Our developers helped to present this valuable data on the Vapourtec website via animated graphs. This makes it easy for users to see the number of cases per million, which are updated on a daily basis.

Duncan Guthrie, Director of Vapourtec, was keen to compliment us and the man who has been syphoning the data, Josh Ridgeway:

“Fellowship have done a great job working with us to present the data exactly how we wanted it to display, within a short time frame. I also want to compliment Josh for the number crunching. Being able to take a complex set of data and present it in a way that everyone is able to access and absorb in a matter of seconds is such a valuable talent in this epoch of information overload.”

View the COVID-19 UK Hotspot Tracker by Vapourtec here.

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