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New US multisite for Cambridge Econometrics

New US Multisite for Cambridge Econometrics

If your company falls into any of the following three scenarios, you’d likely benefit from our specialism in multisites – multiple websites powered by one WordPress CMS installation.

  1. Companies with multiple brands, that require a separate website for each one.
  2. International companies with a single brand, that require dedicated, translated websites for each territory / country they operate in.
  3. Companies that require a website with individual micro-sites, one for each sub-brand, product or service.

We’ve recently launched a Multisite for Cambridge Econometrics, a world leading economics consultancy who we rebranded five years ago. Since our rebrand the business has thrived, with a 50% increase in staff numbers and two new offices opened in Europe.

Earlier this month, Cambridge Econometrics opened for business in North America. They commissioned us to build a dedicated US website to promote their services. We extended their existing WordPress website, which we built in 2016, to deliver their new dedicated US site:

Our solution provides three great benefits for the client:

  1. Time efficient: A single Content Management System, enabling the client to change the content on both sites quickly and easily.
  2. Cost effective: Affordable web hosting and ongoing future development for one website, instead of accumulative costs of running multiple sites.
  3. Scalable: Easy to add additional websites that target new countries or territories if required.

Cambridge Econometrics already has several US consulting engagements underway, and we look forward to helping with their future growth and continued success.

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