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Client Story

EcoWise Platform for SaveMoney CutCarbon

Client Contact:
Chief Marketing Officer

SaveMoneyCutCarbon commissioned Fellowship to build EcoWise as part of its plans to offer ‘Sustainability as a Service’. EcoWise is an online employee education programme that enables companies to engage, inform and reward their employees for taking practical steps to reduce their carbon footprint.


The Objective

SaveMoneyCutCarbon set out to create a first of its kind online platform, to support their “Sustainability as a Service” (SaaS) offering.

With global climate change and increasing energy prices, learning how to reduce our energy usage has never been more important.

This project set out to:

  • Build an engaging platform for company employees to learn about saving energy at home and in the workplace.
  • Provide meaningful, quantifiable data to help companies with their ESG strategies and reporting.
The objective

Our Solution

Our biggest challenge was to ensure that once employees are registered, we keep engagement high, to minimise user abandonment.

Employees of participating companies are at the heart of the scheme. Ensuring a smooth user experience with rewarding outcomes was our highest priority.

Planning and strategy

Multiple planning sessions helped to map out the user journey, from both an employer and employee perspective.

Employers need to access data quickly and manage their users and available points effectively.

Employees need guidance on registration, what they’ll get out of the scheme and a good overall experience.

Planning and strategy


Newcomers to the scheme fill in a short survey. This establishes their level of knowledge at the outset.

This information is available for employers via their dashboard for the duration of the 52 week term.

At the end of the course users repeat the same questionnaire to assess changes in their knowledge. This information is shared with both employee and employer.

Learn and earn

The bespoke, year long course includes new articles each week. Users can read each article then take a short quiz and earn ‘Planet Points’.

These can be used towards purchases across SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s extensive range of eco products.

Learn and Earn
Multiple Access Routes

Multiple access routes

We’ve made it easy for users to access EcoWise in whatever way suits them best. They can do so via the SaveMoneyCutCarbon Home app, their desktop or mobile browser.

Multiple screens of app

Meaningful data collection

Employers have access to a dedicated dashboard, enabling them to:

  • manage registered users
  • monitor article engagement
  • see average survey scores
  • top up the pool of available Planet Points.

This provides valuable, quantifiable data for internal ESG reporting.

Meaningful data collection
Tracking improvement

Tracking improvement

Tracking changes in questionnaire scores is simple. Employers can view all submissions and drill down into performance at an individual question level.

This data is grouped together to show performance of employees before and after the course.

Article and quiz engagement

The dashboard can also be used to track which articles prove most popular.

Monitoring completed articles and quizzes lets employers see in real time the level of user engagement and points earned.

Article and quiz engagement
Managing Planet Points

Managing Planet Points

The dashboard shows how many Planet Points are available at all times. Warnings are issued when Planet Points are running low. Top-ups can be requested via purchase orders or directly through credit/debit card payment processing.

Linking additional services

Employers registered with SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s ‘Impact Statements’ scheme can access their dashboard from there. This integrates our services within a single experience.

Linking additional services
The Result

The Result

Since its launch, the project has been enthusiastically received by SaveMoneyCutCarbon and clients using it.

Their feedback will be collated to inform the next phase of the project.

We’re delighted with Fellowship’s development of EcoWise – our education platform for company employees. EcoWise rewards employees for learning how to be more sustainable, cutting their energy bills and saving money. The Fellowship team have brought it to life in an easy to use and engaging way. Articles and quizzes and other interactive features make learning with EcoWise a really enjoyable and rewarding experience.”

Erin Ericson Chief Marketing Officer SaveMoneyCutCarbon
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