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WordPress Development

Our team of eight developers live and breathe WordPress.

The logical choice

We’ve been building WordPress websites for over 10 years after recognising its potential for customisation, its ease of use for developers and content editors alike and its vast community of developers and users.

We are WordPress specialists

Fully Customisable

WordPress’ straightforward system of actions, hooks and filters means that styling and functionality can either be tweaked quickly or changed entirely making it an infinitely customisable system.

The CMS of Choice

WordPress is incredibly popular, powering around 43% of the entire internet (as of April 2022. Source: W3Techs). This includes high profile websites such as Renault Group, The National Archives, Sony Music and even The White House.

Incredibly Powerful

WordPress has powerful APIs and access control systems and its, often overlooked, multisite functionality can be used to power multiple websites from a single installation of the WordPress core.

Our Approach

We aim to account for every line of code that a web page renders

We aim to account for every line of code that a web page renders.

Although the WordPress theme and plugin ‘ecosystem’ is vast, here at Fellowship, we take a considered approach to how we develop WordPress websites.

Third-party themes and plugins often include a myriad of options (to make them as appealing as possible to as many people as possible) many of which are, depending on your use case, then not actually used by the website they’re installed on. For that reason we don’t use third-party themes and we only use third-party plugins that meet a strict set of criteria.

This approach allows us to develop a bespoke theme for every website we build and it empowers us to write functionality that is exactly inline with the requirements of the site as opposed to having to compromise to fit in with the functionality available within a theme or plugin.

WordPress is a fantastically well supported system, with great flexibility and a huge community.”

Mike Onslow WordPress Developer at Fellowship
Mike Onslow

Our Starter Theme

Bespoke WordPress theme development.

The years of experience that our development team have with WordPress has culminated in our Fellowship Starter Theme for WordPress that acts as the base for every new website that we build.

It includes tried and tested functionality along with a base set of styles that can quickly and easily be updated to match a client’s brand guidelines. From there, custom ‘Blocks’ are added so that the thematic elements and layouts from the website’s design can be quickly and easily built within the WordPress Admin area.

These blocks often work in tandem with custom backend functionality that is being developed alongside the theme itself.

custom plugins to suit your needs

Bespoke WordPress plugin development.

The majority of the custom development that we build for our client’s websites is implemented through our own, bespoke, WordPress plugins developed specifically inline with functionality that has been agreed and scoped out during the define stage of our website build process.

These plugins are written to integrate perfectly with the theme and vice versa – something that is simply not possible when using a conglomeration of third-party themes and plugins. As we work, continually, with our clients to further develop their websites, new features are often deployed in the form of a custom plugin. Again, this new functionality can tap into existing features from our other plugins and from within the theme itself.

We can also build ‘one-off’ plugins if you need your WordPress-based website to perform specific functionality or integrate with a third-party system. We have built many such plugins integrating with stock control and fulfillment systems, CRMs and email marketing platforms. See our Integrations page for more details.

Winner – UK Dev Awards 2023 – Dev Agency of the Year (medium size)

“This agency was a clear winner for us. They have a great client mix with international, public and private sector clients. We loved their strong view of staff skills evolution to support growth and retention. Their ESG and climate-based projects show a well-positioned place in the market.”

Panel of Judges

WordPress Multisites

WordPress Multisite Specialists.

Whether you have multiple brands, or one brand with different websites for each territory or country, we can help. We specialise in building Multisites – multiple websites powered by one WordPress installation.

WordPress Multisites
Flexiteek Multisites

Good for the planet

Websites have a carbon footprint too.

When building a website, we follow a lean/agile method to minimise the amount of code used, thereby reducing the website’s carbon footprint.

We choose green web hosting partners with a strong environmental policy and high use of renewable energy.

Websites have a carbon footprint too

Experts in WordPress


Full time developers

All experts in WordPress development


WordPress Websites

We’ve built, and continue to support, hundreds of WordPress Websites


Custom Plugins

Under active development


We make sure you get the right level of service and support to suit your business needs.
Our fully managed cloud hosting packages cater for businesses of all sizes – from sole traders to multinationals.

Fully Managed

Fully Managed

Comprehensive monitoring and support 24/7/365.

Proven Uptime

Proven Uptime

Zero downtime with a proven uptime record of over 99.999%.

Lightning Fast

Lightning Fast

Ultra high performance SSD powered cloud servers.

Fully Optimised

Fully Optimised

Fully tuned and optimised specifically for your website.

Super Secure

Pro-active security monitoring and auto-patching with full PCI compliance.

Ultra Scalable

Instantly scale up or down according to demand.

Offsite Backups

Offsite Backups

Offsite backups of your website, 4 times per day.

Planet Friendly

Planet Friendly

Our UK-based datacentres are powered by 100% renewable sources.

Client Stories

NHS Suffolk & North East Essex ICB Website

We designed and built a highly accessible and inclusive website with bespoke features including a content authoring and approval system combined with content alerts.

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NHS Suffolk & North East Essex ICB Website
Client Stories

Website for a European rail leasing company

Available in four languages, our WordPress website for Beacon features an interactive fleet area with technical illustrations of rolling stock, press and investor portals and a wide range of custom photography and bespoke icons.

View full client story
Client Stories

Transforming a Farm Machinery Website

We developed some impressive features for the Shelbourne Reynolds website. These include an interactive product feature with a 360° machine view, a custom technical data CSV import tool to save the website editors time and an extensive customer support area.

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Web Development Insights

Sarah Colley – Digital Marketing Manager, NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB)

You guys have been legends from start to finish, I’m so pleased with the final website. Massive thanks to you all, you’re a fab bunch to work with.”

let’s work together