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If you want to get ahead you need to make an impact.

Get noticed or get lost

Great creative draws people in.

It engages and enthuses, making your marketing attractive, accessible and appealing. Good design makes the difference between your audience being inspired and indifferent.

Cheffins adverts


Well chosen words prompt action.

Once you have people’s attention, the strength of your copy and call to action determines whether they take the next step.

Well chosen words prompt action

Graphic Design

Design makes your marketing memorable.

It doesn’t just make things look great, it organises information to communicate it with maximum impact. We make sure your marketing materials grab the attention and interest of your customers and prospects. That they communicate effectively, helping people get what they want, how they want it. So you get the response you need.

Cheffins Newsletters
Flexiteek Brochure
G&W UK/Europe Brochure


Creative advertising builds powerful brands.

Few people know how to do it well. We do. We combine creative ideas with carefully crafted imagery, words and messages to make people choose you. Your competitors won’t like it.


Illustration & Infographics

The art of standing out.

Good illustration complements your copy. It can create your uniquely distinctive style and do things photos can’t, such as cutaways and cross sections.

Black Sheep illustration
Inform Direct infographics
G&W Fleet diagrams
Black Sheep Yorkshire Dry Gin


Pictures bring your people, products and services to life.

We work with outstanding photographers. Their work brings colour, personality and insight to your story, adding a richness and warmth beyond what’s possible with words alone.


Moving pictures move people.

A fantastic way of adding depth and impact to your story, well crafted videos can really boost conversion and sales.


Motion Graphics

Animated videos can explain anything.

With motion graphics, simple and cost effective videos can communicate complex products and services.

Motion Graphics

Creative ideas and execution are at the heart of everything we do. They transform intelligent thinking into effective marketing.”

Dan Seago Head of Creative at Fellowship
Dan Seago

3D Modelling & CGI

When photography or illustration doesn’t cut it.

We use CGI to create something really special that will be remembered and talked about long after it’s first seen.

DP World London Gateway Supercharged

Large Format

We can produce exhibition displays, banners and signage.

All with the same attention to design and copy that we bring to everything we do, however big or small.

Office signage for Beacon
Flexiteek exhibition stand
Large format banner for DP World London Gateway event
Cardboard tractor for Cheffins
Office signage for Beacon
Showroom signage for Kitchenology


Making your product leap off the shelf.

With limited words and colours, your packaging needs to be clear, simple and distinctive, to maximise impact. We make sure you stand out.

54° North Lager packaging

Print Management

High quality, cost effective printing.

We work with multiple print partners to take care of all your printing needs, from initial discussions to final delivery. You’ll struggle to match our print prices and standards elsewhere.

Print Management

Supercharged Advertising Campaign

Working with our CGI partner, we produced an eye-catching advertising campaign for DP World London Gateway, targeting retail company board directors and senior supply chain managers.

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Supercharged advertising campaign for DP World LondonGateway

Marketing materials for Cheffins

Since our rebrand of Cheffins, we’ve produced over 100 items of marketing collateral to promote their work across a wide range of audiences.

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Cheffins Newsletters

Inform Direct Infographics

Every year Inform Direct researches data from Companies House and the Office for National Statistics to provide a detailed geographical breakdown of new company registrations, and of dissolutions. We were tasked with making this visually appealing and easy to understand.

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Inform Direct infographics

Creative Insights

If you want to make it big, you need to think small

To make it big, think small

‘Think Small’ is arguably the greatest advertising campaign of all time. It’s how VW sold the Beetle – a small, ugly car beloved of nazi Germany – into a postwar America infatuated with Detroit gas guzzlers. The Beetle became a huge success and an enduring icon. And pa…

how should you judge creative work

How to judge creative work

So, your agency/designer/copywriter just presented you with some new creative work. You’re feeling a little uncomfortable. It’s sort of interesting, but you don’t really like it. Not least because it’s very different from what you’re used to. While you dislike giving ne…

Matt Abbott, Communications Officer / Manager, 2014-2019

Fellowship has designed high quality exhibition displays, brochures and banners to support our marketing and events, including visits by royalty and government ministers. They alway deliver on time and on budget.”

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