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Brand your business to get you noticed

Fellowship - Get noticed or get lost

Does your business have a distinctive and compelling brand?

Be honest.

When you look at your business alongside the competition, does your brand grab attention? Or does it look much the same as others in your sector?

Because if it doesn’t stand out, you’ve got a problem.

If your prospects can’t tell your brand apart from your competitors, how are they going to remember you? How will your product or service spring to mind at those crucial points of customer consideration and purchase?

Core to brand development

Being distinctive is core to effective brand development, whether that’s a simple refresh or a substantial rebrand. If you look, sound and feel like your competitors you’re committing commercial suicide.

So, how can we fix that?

  • Does your logo stand out?
  • Does it look right for the sort of business you are?
  • Does it communicate something about your brand, simply and clearly?
  • Does it avoid the usual, tiresome clichés associated with your sector?
  • Does it work at the range of sizes required?
  • Will it look tired and dated three years from now?

What about colours?

Colour choices are powerful. Everyone is familiar with Ferrari red, Starbucks green and EasyJet orange. Apple’s all white earbuds made the iPod instantly recognisable.

If your business is in professional services, do you really want to be using the same boring old blue as everyone else?

Are your colours warm or cold? Bright or dull? Memorable or meh? Do they say something appropriate about your brand personality? Or are they just a random, personal choice?

Shapes, imagery and packaging

Have you thought about making distinctive use of shapes, images and packaging?

Think about the iconic Coca Cola bottle. The brief was to design a bottle that remained recognisable even in the dark, or if it was broken. Or what about Lloyds Bank and the black horse? The Tiffany blue box? Meerkats?

These are distinctive brand assets that have been carefully selected and repeatedly reinforced over time.

Don’t forget about fonts

There are over half a million fonts in existence. Different fonts evoke different experiences and associations.

They can make your business brand look professional or amateurish; fun, friendly or frivolous; aloof or approachable. Think about the impact of the custom fonts created for Macmillan Cancer Support, the New York Times and Harry Potter.

I could go on…

You can also distinguish your business through:

  • use of language and tone of voice (think Innocent, Brewdog, Oatly)
  • strapline (Beanz Meanz Heinz, Just Do It, Every Little Helps)
  • friction free online experience (Amazon, Google,)
  • unique sounds (Intel, Netflix)
  • exceptional staff (John Lewis, Disney, Ritz Carlton)
  • retail experience (Apple, Lego, Ikea).
  • quirky characters (Meerkats, Mickey Mouse, Astro)

    You get the idea!

Each of these choices is an opportunity to convey the unique personality and style of your business and build a compelling and distinctive brand.

Every choice shapes perceptions.

Perceptions shape attitudes and attitudes shape behaviour and buying decisions.

Get your business noticed. Don’t leave your brand choices to chance.

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