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WordPress Integrations

Seamless systems for greater efficiency.

Winner – UK Dev Awards 2023 – Dev Agency of the Year (medium size)


Supercharge your business efficiency.

If your business uses multiple, disconnected systems you might be wasting time and money on duplicate data entry and cross-referencing of data.

Our team of eight developers are highly experienced at identifying opportunities to solve business problems by connecting systems. We can apply our technical expertise to streamline your internal processes and improve your data integration, resulting in reduced costs and increased efficiencies.

Supercharge your business efficiency

WordPress specialists

We are specialists in WordPress & WooCommerce Integrations

We are WordPress & WooCommerce integration specialists.

Many businesses and organisations are drawn to WordPress as a CMS for its ease of use for editors and its control system for limiting access to parts of the CMS to specific users and roles.

Its open-source nature and sophisticated APIs make it highly suited to integrating with other business systems such as databases, stock control, fulfilment, CRMs and email marketing platforms.

Many such systems have existing plugins built for them to integrate with WordPress. But, what happens when you want to link your other business systems to your WordPress website and there either isn’t a suitable third-party integration or the existing integration doesn’t work in the way that you need it to?

That’s where we can help. As WordPress & WooCommerce specialists, we can make WordPress do pretty much anything you need and our developers relish any opportunity to connect WordPress or WooCommerce with other systems.

Below are some examples of the third-party WordPress & WooCommerce integrations that we have created to help our clients keep all of their online systems in sync.

CRM Integrations

Integrating WordPress with Workbooks CRM.

If your business uses a CRM like Workbooks and you have a WordPress website with enquiry forms to generate leads, we can integrate them to save you the tedious task of copying and pasting data.

Client Story

Client: Flexiteek International
Project: Integrating Gravity Forms on multiple WordPress websites with Zapier and Workbooks CRM.

Workbooks logo
Integrating Flexiteek WordPress websites with Workbooks CRM

As part of a large network of globally targeted and professionally translated websites built for Flexiteek International, we were tasked with integrating every enquiry form within the network of sites with Flexiteek’s Workbooks CRM system.

The integration needed to securely pass submitted form data to Workbooks for further processing as well as perform the default behaviour of a form created using the Gravity Forms plugin for WordPress.

Once the data arrived at Workbooks a new ‘Lead’ needed to be created and then passed over to the most suitable distributor within Flexiteek’s global network.

The integration was made trickier on account of many of the forms being translated into over 10 different languages including some that use non-latin characters (Traditional Chinese for example).

The integration removes the unenviable and, potentially insecure and non GDPR compliant, administrative task of manually forwarding on each enquiry across the forms on all global Flexiteek websites to the most suitable distributor.

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“The integration work Fellowship carried out on our websites and CRM has automated our lead generation process and saved us an enormous amount of time.”

Scott Berry – CFO, Flexiteek International
Flexiteek logo

E-Commerce Integrations

Integrating WooCommerce with MCS Rental Software.

If you have a WooCommerce website that isn’t connected to your main business system, you’re probably wasting time and money. We can connect WooCommerce sites to popular systems like MCS, NetSuite, SAP and other ERPs.

Client Story

Client: Portable Space
Project: Integrating a WordPress/WooCommerce website with MCS Rental Software.

Integrating the Portable Space WooCommerce website with MCS Rental Software

Portable Space, one of the UKs largest suppliers of containers and cabins for sale and to rent, tasked us with taking an automated product feed from the MCS system, that they use as a central point of product pricing authority, and using it to automatically update pricing on their WooCommerce website, developed by Fellowship in 2018, on a daily basis.

The integration would also need to be tied to functionality that we had written, as part of the main website build, that generates or updates a Product Profile PDF datasheet whenever a product is added or updated within the WooCommerce section of the WordPress CMS.

As well as running automatically every day, the update process can also be manually initiated by Portable Space staff using a simple front-end system.

The integration means that prices between MCS and the website (along with the Product Profile PDF datasheets that it presents for download) are always consistent. This saves Portable Space countless hours of administration.

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“Fellowship’s integration work on the website they built for us is superb. The automated pricing update feature is a real time saver, and the automatic product datasheet generator was an absolute stroke of genius!”

Mark Dolman – Managing Director, Portable Space
Portable Space logo

E-Commerce Integrations

Integrating WooCommerce with Accessplanit Training Management Software.

If you’re a training provider and use a system like Accessplanit Training Management, we can integrate it with a WooCommerce website. This integration enables your customer data to be transferred during a booking, reducing administration time.

Client Story

Client: The Beauty Academy
Project: Integrating a WordPress/WooCommerce website with Accessplanit Training Management Software.

Accessplanit logo
Integrating The Beauty Academy WooCommerce website with Accessplanit Training Management Software

The Beauty Academy provide classroom-based and online training courses to beauty therapists and other salon professionals. They tasked us with integrating their existing WooCommerce website with their training management software provided by Accessplanit. Accessplanit acts as The Beauty Academy’s single point of authority in terms of which candidates are attending which courses on what date and at which venue.

Prior to the integration, members of The Beauty Academy’s E-commerce team had to manually copy and paste customer data out of WooCommerce and into Accessplanit – a tedious and, potentially, error-prone process on a website that takes over 60 orders per day.

The first step in realising a solution required us to change the existing WooCommerce sales process so that customers could assign multiple delegates to the beauty training courses sold through the website. This change was the result of the client recognising that the person checking out on the WooCommerce store might not be the person attending the courses that were being purchased such as a salon manager needing to book multiple therapists onto the same courses.

Once these delegates had been attached to an order, an automated system could be setup to compile any new orders that have been completed since the process last ran and send the data to Accessplanit where it was then used to automatically assign the delegates to their respective courses.

The integration has saved The Beauty Academy’s E-commerce team many hours of laborious manual processing and has now been extended to work within online as well as classroom-based training courses.

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“Working with Fellowship has allowed us to make big improvements to our E-commerce website, by integrating with a range of third party sites. This has streamlined our sales and booking processes, which have helped reduce our administration costs and improved the customer experience significantly.”

Angela York – Administration Manager, The Beauty Academy
The Beauty Academy Logo

E-Commerce Integrations

Integrating WooCommerce with Sage 200.

Sage is a leading cloud accounting and financial management software. Integrating Sage with a WooCommerce website offers many benefits including synced customer accounts, dynamic product pricing and stock control.

Client Story

Client: Flexiteek International
Project: Integrating a WordPress/WooCommerce website with Sage 200 Business Management software.

Integrating the Flexiteek WooCommerce website with Sage 200 Business Management software

Flexiteek International is a market leader in the manufacture of synthetic teak decking with a global network of dedicated distributors. Prior to working with us, Flexiteek’s process for taking orders saw distributors ordering products via telephone, email, fax and even WhatsApp.

In 2019, we built a new WooCommerce ‘Distributor Web Store’ to provide a solution to this ‘adhoc’ ordering process, with all orders subsequently being funnelled through our new E-commerce website.

Central to the backend functionality of the web store was integration with Flexiteek’s Sage 200 Business Management software. This integration required us to link web store user accounts with their Sage equivalents, along with offering dynamic product pricing (based on pricing and discounts set in Sage) at both an individual web store user level or, more broadly, the WordPress user role level.

The integration also required us to link every product in the web store to its Sage equivalent so that base prices and stock availability is kept consistent between the two systems.

Finally, any orders taken on the web store needed to be automatically created on Sage within seconds of being placed with all line items, distributor and price data (to five decimal places) all being accurately and securely passed between the two systems.

The integration for Flexiteek has been so successful that we have now replicated the system for another business with the Flexiteek Group called Wilks – specialists in marine fendering.

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“I’m delighted with how well our new WooCommerce website integrates with Sage 200. It has streamlined our ordering process, removed the risk of mistakes from manual data entry and significantly increased our efficiency.”

Scott Berry – CFO, Flexiteek International
Flexiteek logo
Winner – UK Dev Awards 2023 – Dev Agency of the Year (medium size)

“This agency was a clear winner for us. They have a great client mix with international, public and private sector clients. We loved their strong view of staff skills evolution to support growth and retention. Their ESG and climate-based projects show a well-positioned place in the market.”

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Fellowship have successfully delivered a range of website integration projects for our businesses. The results are seriously impressive; increased efficiencies and enormous savings in both time and money.”

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