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Building a memorable brand, with a strong story and a distinctive style, is crucial to business success.

Ask Yourself

Do any of these feel familiar?

Your logo looks dated and doesn’t work well online.

Your website and marketing materials lack a consistent look and feel.

Your competitors are attracting most of the ideal customers you really want.

It’s not clear what’s different and special about your business.

You’re constantly revisiting decisions about your messaging and marketing.

If so, you need help with your brand positioning, image and story.

A strong brand transforms your impact and reputation.



You can charge higher prices for your products and services.



When times are tough your business is more resilient than the competition.



You attract and retain higher value clients and higher quality staff.



Your team are enthusiastic about your strategy, story and values.

Branding is like forensics – every contact leaves a trace. Your brand is your reputation and future cash flow.”

Paul Lewis Head of Strategy at Fellowship
Paul Lewis, Head of Strategy at Fellowship

Investing in your brand

is crucial to long term business growth.

It’s a strategic exercise that goes far deeper than your logo and look. Effective branding builds lasting, positive perceptions of what your business stands for. It expresses your ambition, culture, values and purpose, through creative design and consistent implementation.

Your brand strategy aligns your people, messaging and touchpoints around a compelling theme that establishes your business as something different and special.

Successful brands ‘own’ a key quality in the mind of their clients and prospects. Think Amazon and convenience, Disney and magic, Mercedes and luxury. They also have a distinctive, individual style and tone of voice, e.g. Innocent is fun and quirky, while NASA is serious and scientific.

We can help you

How we build strong, distinctive and memorable brands.

There are three steps to our proven process.

Cheffins brand strategy

1. Strategy

We look at your company, customers and competitors, to work out how we can make your business stand out and get ahead.

  • What does your business stand for?
  • What makes it different and special?
  • What story will you tell?
  • How should your communications look, sound and feel?

2. Story & Style

Once we have a clear strategy, we can work with you to create your authentic story and distinctive style – designed to ensure your business grabs people’s attention and interest.

How you look, what you say and how you say it combine to build a brand with lasting impact.

So you aren’t easily forgotten like most of your competitors.

3. Sticky

Consistency is crucial. It takes time to build the desired perceptions of your brand.

We make all of this stick, by helping your team apply it consistently to every aspect of your customer communications and experience.

Over time this creates a strong and distinctive set of positive associations with your brand.

30% increase in Leased Assets

Transforming Beacon Rail

An international rail leasing company, Beacon’s outdated image and website weren’t doing it justice. After reviewing the competition and market potential, we created a clear proposition for Beacon, plus a bold new brand and website.

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Transforming Beacon Rail
+25% Turnover

Changing Cheffins

We gave a nearly 200 years old professional services firm a contemporary and competitive look and feel, while retaining its essential character and charm. Turnover and web traffic have increased substantially.

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Changing Cheffins
+120% Turnover

When Clarity is Crucial

Cambridge Econometrics’ dull and dated logo, website and messaging were holding it back. We gave it a bold new proposition, a bright new look and an engaging and authoritative online presence.

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Rebranding Cambridge Econometrics


Rebrand or Refresh

Rebrand or refresh – which is right for you?

Your brand is your reputation. It’s how other people think and feel about your business. As Jeff Bezos says, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” You can’t control it. But you can improve it by managing the things you do that infl…

Are you investing enough in building your brand?

“Your brand is the future cash flow of your business.” So says Tim Ambler, arguably Britain’s greatest marketer. A strong brand enables you to charge more for your products and services, ride out economic downturns and attract higher quality clients and staff. Yet, many bu…

Sharon Hamilton, Director – Marketing

Fellowship are fantastic. They guided us through a strategic and comprehensive brand transformation process, challenging us when needed. We’re delighted with the outcome. They’ve also supported us with advertising, design and print, and SEO on the website.”

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