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What does your name say about your business?

Occasionally people refer to our agency as ‘The Fellowship’. I’ve always thought this sounds somewhat sinister. Rather like some kind of secret sect. Or as in ‘The Fellowship of the Ring.’ Actually, we’re just plain old Fellowship. But what’s the thinking behind ...

how should you judge creative work

How should you judge creative work?

So, your agency/designer/copywriter just presented something new. You’re feeling a little uncomfortable. It’s sort of interesting, but you don’t really like it – not least because it’s very different from what you’re used to. While you dislike giving negative feedback...

Do you struggle with strategy?

Do you struggle with strategy?

Relax. You’re not alone, many businesses do. Don’t relax too much. This stuff really matters. I once asked the MD of a new client whether his business had a strategy. Back came the answer, “Our strategy is growth.” That’s not a strategy. That’s a woolly and rather...