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If you want to make it big, you need to think small

To make it big, think small

‘Think Small’ is arguably the greatest advertising campaign of all time. It’s how VW sold the Beetle – a small, ugly car beloved of nazi Germany – into a postwar America infatuated with Detroit gas guzzlers. The Beetle became a huge success and an enduring icon. And pa...

Rebrand or Refresh

Rebrand or refresh – which is right for you?

Your brand is your reputation. It’s how other people think and feel about your business. As Jeff Bezos says, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” You can’t control it. But you can improve it by managing the things you do that infl...

how should you judge creative work

How to judge creative work

So, your agency/designer/copywriter just presented you with some new creative work. You’re feeling a little uncomfortable. It’s sort of interesting, but you don’t really like it. Not least because it’s very different from what you’re used to. While you dislike giving ne...

Do you struggle with strategy?

Do you struggle with business strategy?

Relax. You’re not alone, many businesses struggle to develop a clear and cohesive business strategy. Don’t relax too much. This stuff really matters. I once asked the MD of a new client whether he had a business strategy. Back came the answer, “Our strategy is growth.” ...

Are you investing enough in building your brand?

“Your brand is the future cash flow of your business.” So says Tim Ambler, arguably Britain’s greatest marketer. A strong brand enables you to charge more for your products and services, ride out economic downturns and attract higher quality clients and staff. Yet, many bu...

Four ‘big brand’ lessons to boost your business

It would be easy to think ‘everyday’ businesses on a budget have little in common with how billion dollar brands tackle their marketing. But if you would like to attract more customers and outsmart the competition, then read our four 'big brand' lessons to apply to your business.

Improve your SEO in 2018

As a marketing agency, we understand SEO but we also understand that for many of our clients, it can often feel like a mystery - which is why we've put together this jargon-free tick list for you to read through. Long gone are the days of trying to trick Google or other search e...

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