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The importance of strategy to business success is too often ignored or misunderstood.

A sound investment

A strong strategy saves you time, money and effort.

Once you have a strong strategy you don’t have to endlessly debate decisions. You have a route map that aligns you and your team around a set of explicit choices about where to focus your resources and how to beat the competition.

A strong strategy saves you time, money and effort

Our Process

We start by exploring these questions:

Where are you now?

Why are you here?

Where could you go?

Where should you go?

What’s in your way?

How can you best get there?

While they may look straightforward enough, the analysis and thinking that informs each of them can be challenging.

Plus, it’s almost impossible to answer these objectively for your own business. As we often say, “You can’t read the label from inside the bottle.” That’s where we earn our money, by challenging, supporting and validating your thinking.

We combine desk research, interviews, surveys and workshops, looking in depth at your company, your customers, your competitors and the context in which you operate.

This creates a detailed picture from which we can help you confidently set out your most effective route to long term success.

Without a strong strategy you’re flying blind, making ad hoc decisions with no firm foundation.”

Paul Lewis Head of Strategy at Fellowship
Paul Lewis, Head of Strategy at Fellowship

Business Strategy

Business strategy is how your company plans to grow.

Where to play and how to win. It’s about identifying a few critical priorities and making the tricky trade-offs needed to achieve them – as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

“A good business strategy is one by which a company can gain significant ground on its competitors at an acceptable cost to itself.”

Kenichi Ohmae – The Mind of the Strategist.


Three Pillars of Business Success

Brand Strategy

Cheffins brand strategy

Brand strategy helps to make your business irresistible.

Telling a compelling and consistent story about what you stand for. What makes you different, special and better than your competitors. Designing everything you say and do, to grab the attention and interest of your target customers.

“It’s a complicated and noisy world. We’re not going to get people to remember much about us. We have to be really clear about what we want them to know about us.”

Steve Jobs

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is how you’ll attract, convert and retain customers.

It still revolves around the 4Ps – product, price, place and promotion. Targeting your ideal customers with products and services they find relevant, attractive and affordable. Making what you do highly visible and readily available, so as to drive growth and secure long term profits.

Marketing strategy is how you’ll attract, convert and retain customers

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand your customer so well the product or service fits them and sells itself.”

Peter F. Drucker
44% Turnover

Delivering Global Growth for Flexiteek

We reviewed Flexiteek’s market context, customers and competition before developing their fresh new look, story and websites. Our marketing campaigns have driven big increases in turnover and website leads.

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Delivering Global Growth for Flexiteek
+25% Turnover

Changing Cheffins

We gave a nearly 200 years old professional services firm a contemporary and competitive look and feel, while retaining its essential character and charm. Turnover and web traffic have increased substantially.

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Changing Cheffins
30% increase in Leased Assets

Transforming Beacon Rail

An international rail leasing company, Beacon’s outdated image and website weren’t doing it justice. After reviewing the competition and market potential, we created a clear proposition for Beacon, plus a bold new brand and website.

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Transforming Beacon Rail

Strategy Insights

Phil Summerton – Managing Director, Cambridge Econometrics

Fellowship have helped us grow in the UK and beyond. Our new visual identity and website are far more engaging and authoritative. Our team is aligned behind an inspiring purpose, proposition and values. We now present to prospective clients with far greater clarity and confidence.”

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