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Meet the team: Ian

Web Developer, Ian Tearle, has been with us since the end of 2020, having previously run his own business, developing apps and websites.

As he’s been working from home all that time, we wanted to get some insight into a typical day at his desk. Little did we anticipate that when things get a bit stressful, he literally goes up the wall.

Having three young girls means Ian no longer gets to do much outdoor climbing. His other interests include playing guitar, sound engineering and shooting people – with his 6K film camera.

Ian’s produced some interviews, shot a music video and has plans to make some micro documentaries.

As for the stuff we pay him for, Ian’s been working on an exciting new app for a major client (more on that soon).

He’s also built a big US website for Genessee & Wyoming Inc. who own or lease 116 freight railroads worldwide.

We may send Ian up the wall occasionally, but at least he’s not gone off the rails.

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