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Author: Darren Hickey

Look out for us looking back

Celebrating 20 Years of Fellowship As we’re celebrating 20 years of Fellowship this year, we’re going to be trawling back through our archives. Expect to see some fun photos of our past premises, plus posts about landmark projects for household names including Thomas Co...

Meet the team: Paul

Many years ago, our Head of Strategy, Paul Lewis, spent a balmy summer selling oriental rugs to tourists in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. (Still his favourite job ever - apart from this one, of course). Paul’s a Certified Brand Strategist. This is a fancy way of saying he can h...

How to increase E-commerce sales

The golden rule with eCommerce is to make it as easy as possible for people to buy from your website. This list of useful tips will increase conversions and generate more revenue from your online shop.

Website Design Trends for 2016

In an industry as fast paced as the internet it is vital that as a web agency we keep on top of the latest trends and technology. Although many would argue that web design has recently moved away from very bespoke looking designs in favour of a more clean, flat and minimal look, ...

Find out the ‘true’ performance of your website

Whenever we start a new website project, we like to discuss the goals and objectives with the client. Once these are agreed we'll also discuss targets and benchmarks so that we've all got something to aim for. Before the new website is launched, we'll set up the agreed goals in G...

Referral spam is a blight on the internet that’s probably disguising your websites ‘true’ performance

Referral spam occurs when your website gets fake referral traffic from spam bots. This fake traffic is recorded in your Google Analytics property resulting in completely inaccurate web traffic statistics. This article fully explains referral spam and how, only by removing it, you can get an idea of the true performance of your website.
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